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Why Agencia International?

International business gateway in the Netherlands

Agencia International provides customized and comprehensive solutions to international companies that use the Netherlands as an international gateway to meet their global strategic business goals. We assist businesses establish a presence in the Netherlands and provide all the necessary support for their continued development, not only within the Netherlands, but also throughout the EU and other global markets. 

Agencia International is comprised of a group of companies that together offer seamless service and solutions in complex multidisciplinary business projects. In addition to coordinating our expertise and network of contacts, Agencia International also offers a unique team of multilingual professionals fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish. Furthermore, Agencia International is a partner with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands based in Brussels.

All of the above provides Agencia International a unique ability to offer highly competent professional services to alarge number of companies that include publicly traded multinational entities and many medium sized companies that import/export products or services to/from the Netherlands and beyond or simply, have a need / project on time in Holland.

Internationally minded companies that demand high-quality, tailored solutions will find Agencia International to be their reliable solution provider to successfully reach their business objectives in the Netherlands and other global markets with an emphasis in Spain and Latin America 


Circle of Entrepreneurs

The Circle of Entrepreneurs (Círculo de Empresarios) is a meeting place for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs and executives residing in the Netherlands. Its purpose is primarily social, promoting the exchange of experiences, ideas and contacts.

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