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Business & Commercial Solutions

What we do

What we do

The International Agency (AI) assists, advises and supports the establishment and subsequent working of international companies in the Netherlands. The International Agency also advises business projects through the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to Spain and Latin America.

Our business solutions are tailored to our clients, from solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises to those required by large companies.

We have highly qualified lawyers, notaries, accountants, tax advisers and consultants (trilingual in Spanish, English and Dutch) as well as an extensive network of trusted business contacts. This allows us to offer a wide range of services required to settle and work in Holland or to use the Netherlands as a bridge for their international business projects.

AI also acts as a Chamber of Commerce except that capital is private. In fact, the Agency is a Dutch partner of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain to Belgium and Luxembourg. Although the Agency is unlike an official Chamber of Commerce or Governmental Commercial Office, we can go further with our clients to where the above entities cannot due to reasons of public service which require these organizations to treat all companies alike.


The initiative to undertake this business project in 2009 was based on the trajectory of existing businesses including two multi-lingual (Dutch, Spanish and English) law firms with international projection. Pooling these resources and the expertise necessary for international business, the Agency currently provides services to a large number of companies among which are multinational, publicly traded companies that are interested in entrepreneurial projects in Holland or via Holland. A large number of customers are medium sized companies established in the Netherlands as a base for both the Dutch and international markets.

Mission and Objectives

Our primary goal is to ensure the commercial success of our customers in the Netherlands and its surroundings or anywhere via the Netherlands. Our clients consider us an integrated service provider that serves as their right hand to business activities in the Netherlands or via Holland.

The Agency’s core values are professionalism, trust and responsibility to our customers and to the quality of services rendered.

Our mission: To help you build your business,  “We build your business”

Other objectives of AI are:

• support and sponsor causes of public and social interest

• promote the Business Circle, a meeting place where Hispanic entrepreneurs and executives that reside in the Netherlands can meet and exchange experiences